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Total Enrollment:

158 Children Enrolled in Part Day Programs

57 Children Enrolled in Full Day Programs

112 Dually enrolled Head Start and Universal Pre-K Children

Children are 3 and 4 year olds



40 Full Time Staff 

15 Foster Grandparents

 exceptional  Parent Volunteering


Program Service Areas:

 Early Childhood Development and Health Services:

The child’s educational program with Teachers and Teacher Assistants with their Child Development Associate (CDA)

Child Screenings and Developmental Assessments

Health and Dental Services      

Mental Health Assessments and Services

Services to Children with Disabilities

Nutrition - Full Meal Service Program


Family and Community Partnerships

Family Services including Family Partnerships and Advocacy

Staff are trained through the Family Development Credentialing Program.

Transition Services for Children Entering and Moving on from Head Start

Parent Involvement Services including Training and Personal Development Programs

Advisory Committees


Program Design and Management:

Program Governance - The Parent Policy Council and Board of Directors

Administration/ Management Systems and Procedures

Human Resource Management

Facilities including Materials and Equipment        




Bussing is provided to approximately one-half of the enrolled  children. Special consideration is given to children and parents with disabilities. 

Bussing service is contracted with West Point Tours. All drivers are Article 19-A certified by the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.  This certification includes FBI criminal background checks and annual reviews of  driving history and drug testing.



Special Programs

Parent Volunteers

Foster Grandparent Program

Universal Pre-K Community Program Site for 112 Children

BABES - Beginning Alcohol and Addiction Basic Educational Studies

Family Ties and Friends Group in cooperation with the OC Mental Health Association

Pre- School Special Education Services Provided On-Site

Full Day Head Start Classrooms

Newburgh School District Students Work and Community Service Site

Literacy Programs - including “Jump Start with Head Start”

Family Ties and Friends Group

On-site Consultation for Mental Health Services

CPR / First Aid Training

Presentations by Community Agencies

Parenting Support and Skills Classes

Parent Education - including GED and ESL

On-going Staff Development Program.

Child Field Trips to Kindergarten Programs

Annual Outcome Reporting on Program, Family and Child Services

Community Volunteers and Special Activities


Regulating Agencies

US Department of Health and Human Services

NYS Office of Children and Family Services

NYS Health Department - Child and Adult Care Food Program

NYS Department of Public Health - Immunizations

Orange County Health Department

City of Newburgh Fire Department



Phone:           845-562-0380

Fax:             845-562-5219





Last updated: 10/22/2013